Ilustrasi Kehidupan dari Imam Ghazali

Illustrating the Reality of this Life by Imam Ghazali (ENGLISH)

There was a person in the forest and suddenly he heard the roar of a lion. So when he looked towards that direction he found a lion was coming for him. So it was a big shock for him. He looked around; there was no high tree where he could climb. But luckily he had a well close by. So he thought let me jump inside the well, and when the lion will go back then I will come out. So as soon as he looked inside the well to jump in he found that there was a big snake floating inside the water, waiting inside the water.

And now this person was in a very strange condition. The lion was coming to eat him, and if he jumps inside the well there is a snake waiting for him, a black cobra waiting for him. Now he though what should I do? So he found a branch which was growing on the wall of the well. So he quickly made a decision. Let me catch this branch and hang on it so that I will not be outside so the lion can eat me and I will not go down the well so that snake can bite me.

So he did it. He held the branch with both hands and hanged on to it. Now the lion came and stood on the outside waiting for him. The lion was waiting outside the well and the snake was waiting inside the well and this person was in between these two positions. Suddenly he saw two rats, one was black and one was white and both of them, they were chewing on the branch which he was holding. He became more concerned. How? I am holding the branch and the branch is being cut by the two rats, one white one black. So what will happen to me?

So in this state of mind he looked on one side, he found a honey bee nest. There were no bees and it was full of honey. So a thought came in his mind, can I taste the honey? So he held the branch with one hand and with the other hand he took his finger and took some honey on the finger and started tasting it. It was really very delicious. So he started eating the honey and he forgot about the lion, forgot about the snake waiting for him and forgot about the two rats who were cutting the branch.

Explanation of the Metaphors in the Story

Imam Ghazali (may Allah have Mercy on him) he wrote:

O my brother! This is your example. That the angel of death is coming behind you like the lion and the punishment of the grave is waiting for you like the black cobra and you are holding the branch of your life and you are hanging in between. And the day and the night, they are two rats, black and white.

They are cutting the same branch that you are holding and with which you are hanging in between. And then the enjoyment of this world, they are just like honey and you are busy in enjoying your life and you have forgotten that you are spending the days and nights of your life and you are approaching the time of your death. And you forgot that the angel of death is coming behind you and you forgot that the cobra of the punishment of the grave is waiting for you.

ilustrasi ini benar” mengambarkan kehidupan kita bukan?

walaupun tidak semua tapi terkadang memang seperti inilah

kita terlalu sibuk dengan kesenangan sesaat untuk menghilangan segala penat,  sampai lupa bahwa

AKHIRAT dan KEMATIAN itu dekat Astagfirullah ;'(

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