short description about islam

“Islam is a savior.

It is the light when everything gets dark. It’s the hand that pulls you up when you fall and guides you through the bustling streets of life.

It’s food when you’re starving. It’s the smile and help of a stranger when you’re in need. It’s home.

I’ve never known a religion that bonds people so strongly.

You can be on one side of the globe and hear about the tragedy of a Muslim on the opposite side and your heart hurts because in your mind or maybe it’s your soul, you are saying,

“That’s my brother” or “That’s my sister”. Islam is family.

It creates family wherever it goes, wherever it lives. The Prophet (saws) called us his brothers and he didn’t even meet us. Time, distance, race, gender ..

none of it matters to Islam. When the adhan is called, people all over are stopping what they are doing and turning towards the same direction.

They’re all stopping their days because Allahu akbar, Allah is greater. He is the greatest. If you ever question that then you don’t understand what He’s given you. He’s given you love, endless love and distant family.

He’s given you everything you need because He is the greatest and His religion is love.”

Basically one of the most beautiful descriptions of Islam that I’ve heard courtesy of my good friend Paul.

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