From a Hijab to a Non-Hijab and now back to Hijab

although i’am a guy but i love this story, this story about a women and hijab …
after read this hope all of you girls will  realize and make this as a decision to your life girl, your habbit, your commitment  ;’)

“[HER iHIJABEE STORY] From a Hijabee to a Non-Hijabee and now back to Hijabee Alhamdulillah!

 Spend bits of your time and read through her story.
Her story on finding her way back to Allah SWT after a short moment of tasting this Dunya, indeed    make her realize it is temporary & only Allah able to fill the heart & life

And this world is but a temporary enjoyment and Hereafter is indeed everlasting. When the heart is empty, and you don’t know what is missing, trust me, it is Allah that is missing from the heart.

Being a muslimah who wore Hijab, which i started to put on Hijab back then 5 years ago is the turning point of my life.

Being a hijabee ( someone who wore hijab ) is a life changing event for me. No matter how tiny or unsignificant it may seems to others but, subhanAllah the moment Allah gives me the feeling of putting on the Hijab, thats the moment where I feel alive back again.

The feeling of wearing a hijab, as being someone who already wore it since standard 3 up to form 5, makes me feel stuffy and just dont understand why do I need to wear Hijab. I know its for the sake of Allah but with the environment I were in, which full with lots of make-up and fashions which make effect me so much which I ended up make my decision to open my Hijab. Being a teenagers is not easy as you are subjected to tons of lies of this world.

Definitely my father never allow me to do so and we ended up having a minor argument regarding this. Being someone who is so firm, and really determine of getting what I wanted. Makes me have more and more discussion with my father to let him understand why i choose to open up my hijab.
My sole reason : Because i am just not ready for this commitment and i will take up this commitment back again one day definitely

Is hijab a commitment? Yes indeed..

For when you are a hijabee, you are subjected to lots of expectation while i am sick of others expectation at that time which is 5 years ago. And so my father said no nor yes. but being so stuborn and determine, i decided to open up my Hijab something that I have been wearing for almost 9 years of my life.

And so chapter of my life begins. A chapter where, im not a hijabees. A chapter where, im not subjected to any expectation of others. A chapter when, i could show others the beautiful side of me. And those thought is just enough to makes me happy. A life where I still perform my daily Solah. Never missed my solat indeed and never missed my Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah

A chapter of life doing A-Level, away from home for the first time where Allah SWT really gives what i wish upon at that moment. I have more than enough scholar money, i have the chance to establish life on my own at hostel, i have the chance to wear what i want, i have the chance to go out for movies as long as i want, i have the chance to have a boyfriend, i have the chance to smile for so many reasons and there goes my life for about 1 and half years doing A -Level with just the exact lifestyle that i have ever wanted and dreamed of.

Each days passed by. The smiles and happiness that i once felt, started to fade off. For i could not find more excitement anymore of not wearing Hijab, I could not find anymore excitement for living the life i wanted. Everything just seems so empty. Something is just missing away from my life but im just stucked there cause i just dont know what is missing. The feeling at that moment is EMPTY.

However, with the mercy of Allah SWT, one night while on the phone with someone, when we were just talking about random stuff. Suddenly a question being asked to me, what will happen to us after we die?

Somehow i just dont know why, that question strike me so much that i just could not answer that question. and im just so stunned. Because the real fact is that, i know what gonna happen to me when i die, with all these temporary life of this Dunya which i wanted so much. I know what to expect for i leave my hijab just for the sake of wanting this Dunya. I know exactly where im gonna go after i die. Thats why im stunned.

And the night goes sleepless for im really scared of the later days. I just keep on crying and crying for i am scared of Allah punishment towards me and i dare not go out from the house for scared of more and more sins im gonna make for not wearing Hijab. Astagfirullahaladheem What have i done ;(

From that very moment, i started to think of wearing Hijab back. But so many thought comes to me. What others gonna say. What others gonna think. What others and the list goes on and on. And just what i told myself, i am doing this for the sake of Allah and none other and fullstop. And the moment i told my father back again that i wanted to put on hijab, you could never imagine how curvy his smile was Alhamdulillah

The night where my mum actually bought me a few piece of hijab, the moment i put it on back. A feeling that strike me was, is not a weird feeling or awkward feelings of wearing hijab. But the feeling that i got at that very moment was, This is me. This is the girl i was before. This is the image that im used to. This is who i am. Someone with a Hijab

Only tears of grateful towards Allah could describe how grateful I am. For Allah is all merciful even after so many sins i committed subhanAllah. And more and more light shined to me after i wear my hijab. More and more blessings He bestow upon me.

O Allah, You are so Merciful and You are more Merciful to me more than I am to myself

And so, it all started when Im a Hijabee


SubhanAllah! such a long journey of hers but it is all worth it right if it is for the sake of Allah swt 🙂

if you would Please share at your facebook and may Allah reward you plenty! Ameen 😉



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