Purpose Of Life

Purpose of life

I really can’t understand Atheists, their way of thinking about life and the world is so illogical. How can one think that his life is simply going to end after having lived 70 or 80 years, and that one will not be held responsible for the things that he or she did?

How can a rationale human being think that we just live and then die, that’s it, nothing more nothing less, you just live and then die.

We come into this world with a purpose, we don’t get born and then just lay there as babies until we die. We don’t go to school just to sit there all day get taught nothing. We don’t go to work to just sit there without getting paid. We don’t build a house and then not live in it.

How can one then think that his life is without any purpose if every single other thing he does is with a purpose? This way of thinking just baffles my mind.

Allah, Exalted is He, says:

Does man think that he will be left alone, unquestioned? [75:36 Interpretation of the meaning]
How can a rationale human being think he is like a cow or camel who is just wandering aimlessly, grazing at will, without there being anybody to look after him?

Do you really think that we have been left to ourselves and that we can wander as we will, without any responsibility laid on us by our Creator, that there are no duties imposed on us, no forbidden things for us, and that there will be no period in the future where we will have to account for our deeds?

Can one really believe that life is merely a process that takes place, having neither cause nor goal. Women get pregnant and give birth, and then we are put into graves. In between, there is nothing than play, wearing nice clothes, competing for things of this world, and just enjoying ourselves.. this way of living is no different from animals!

Is it so strange to believe that there is an elaborate law, serving a definite goal and purpose; and that man’s arrival in this life is according to a deliberate will and a set plan; that it all ends with accountability and requital, and that the journey of life is a test before the final requital? Is it so strange to believe that this is the wisdom of Allah, and that He does everything for a clear purpose and towards a pre-willed end?

Allah, Exalted is He, informs us about what will be asked to the disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection, it will be said to them:

Did you think that We had created you without any purpose, and that you would never be brought back to Us? [23:115 Interpretation of the meaning]
Can a human being with any rationale thinking capacity ever think that he is no more than a mere animal? How can he claim to be a descendant of apes and other animals, does he not see the manifest differences between himself and the animal(s)?

An animal does not recognize the link between time, events and objectives whereas man does and has a definite purpose linked to that of the universe around him. We do not live our life one minute or one event after another. We think about time, place, the past, present and future and all are connected in our consciousness. They are all related to the existence of the great universe and its laws. Is this not the clear result of a higher will that creates, plans and designs. And is it not strange to believe that this higher will creates people and leaves them to life without a purpose?

And some of them claim that the ape is their forefather, whilst the ape has no power of choice and authority, but we have been blessed with the power of choice and authority; there is no question of morality about what the ape does, but our acts are necessarily characterised by good and evil.

Then, how did he take it into his head that he was created irresponsible and unanswerable as the ape has been?

The ape, and every other animal, only fulfils the fixed demands of its instinct without using its intellect to propound a philosophy; it has no religion; it has no god nor claims itself to be a god for others; it does nothing that can be called good or bad; it does not enforce a good or bad way of life, which influences others, generation after generation, so that it should deserve a reward or punishment for it.

So how can such an animal ever be held responsible for any of its acts?

But how can you ever be excused from life after-death when right till the time of your death you continued to perform moral acts, which your own intellect judged as good or bad and worthy of reward or punishment?

Should a man who killed an innocent person and then fell a victim to a sudden accident immediately after it, get off Scot-free and should never be punished for the crime of murder he committed?

Do you really feel satisfied that a man, who sowed corruption and iniquity in the world, which entailed evil consequences for mankind for centuries after him, should himself perish like an insect; or a grasshopper, and should never be resurrected to account for his misdeeds, which corrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings after him?

Do you think that the man, who struggled throughout his life for the cause of truth and justice, goodness and peace, and suffered hardships for their sake, was a creation of the kind of an insect, and had no right to be rewarded for his good acts?

And Allah says:

Had he not been a sperm from semen emitted? Then he was a clinging clot, and [ Allah ] created [his form] and proportioned [him] And made of him two mates, the male and the female. [75:37-39 Interpretation of the meaning]
Has man never asked himself, ”What am I?”, did you not come into existence from a mere drop of dirty fluid? Did this drop not transform into a full human being, who guided this drop? Who gave it its abilities?

Who turned it into an embryo, with perfectly shaped organs, composed of millions and millions of cells, when it only originated as a single cell that fertilized an egg? The journey this one cell took to become a fully-shaped embryo was far longer than your journey from birth to death will be.

The changes and transformations it went through during the embryonic journey were much more varied and wider than everything that you will encounter during your life journey, from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

Who guided this drop of fluid during its long journey? How did something without intellect, perception and experience turn into a human being? Who guided it through all the different routes and made the choices in the dark depths of the uterus?

Then, if all of this was possible, do you not think that the One who Created you can also bring you back to life and judge you according to all that you have done?

One thought on “Purpose Of Life

  1. “How can one then think that his life is without any purpose if every single other thing he does is with a purpose?”

    Because I give my life purpose. And my life is given to me by the people I love and interact with and the jobs I do and the art I create.

    My life only has no purpose if you think someone else has to give me that purpose. I create my own.

    “Do you really feel satisfied…”

    Why should my satisfaction or dissatisfaction have anything to do with whether or not something is true?

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