This be the answer

A prisoner on his knees

scrubs around a toilet bowl

and the bristles of the brush

scuttles to and fro

as a guard swaggers over

to yell rather than ask-

Where is your God now?

And the prisoner still on his knees

his brush still cleaning answers:

He is with me now, gov.

My God is with me now

hearing and seeing,

whilst your superiors

when they see you, do not look at you

and when they hear you, do not listen to you

My God is risen above the heavens

and closer to me than my jugular vein,

whilst your superiors no different to you

allow you no further than the desk

My God wants me to call Him

whilst your superiors demand you knock

And when I go towards Him a hand span,

He comes to me a yard

and when I go to Him walking,

He comes to me running

Ignorance is cured by knowledge

and the key to knowledge is to ask.

Less now the exclamation

and more the question mark,

the guard sulks away,

and a prisoner on his knees,

still, as if in prayer.

– by Syed Talha Ahsan, written in HMP Long Lartin, June, 2008.

Talha Ahsan has been extradited to the US and is currently in solitary confinement, despite having no charges, no evidence, and no trial against him.

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