My Mother


When I look at my mother. I see the pain she has suffered throughout her life, the loss of my brother who passed away at the age of 5. What she went through when my dad married another woman. The way she was treated by others who took advantage of her good nature and still till this day she welcomes them to our homes.

The time when she asked to borrow money off me and the look of shame in her eyes when she repeatedly promised that she will pay me back still to this day makes my heart burn.

I never met such an amazing woman like my mum. I am not just saying this because  she is my mum. I’m saying this because when I look at her, I see all them years of the way she was mistreated by others. I see the sadness in her eyes of never being able to see her son again. I see the worry of how she will provide for me and my siblings and I see that she just wants to be loved.

But this is not what makes her amazing. It is the fact that she has forgiven the people who see no wrong in what they do. She treats them with the respect that she rightfully deserves from them.

She has no hate in her, for if she did she would have hated the woman who stole her husband away from her. Instead she treats the woman like a sister and cares for her children like they were her own. Many of my friends tell me that if there mum’s were in my mum’s position they wouldn’t do the things my mum does for my stepmum. Tbh I’m not sure if I would be as kind like my mum if I was in her shoes. But not many women are strong enough to forgive the woman who stole their husband and their kids baby daddy’s. And she is like this thanks to the grace of Allah, who has blessed her with a kind heart.

I see it as my duty to now look after my mother, I want to live the life that she couldn’t the one that she dreams for me and my siblings. Apart from inheriting her goodlooks my mum has taught me that forgiveness and kindness is one of the best things you can teach someone. I hope one day I can be like her.

Such a strong woman Allah has blessed me with as my mother. I hope no mother goes through what my mother has, there probably people out there who have suffered worse than my mother and my heart goes out to them. It is true when they say heaven lies at your mother’s feet. I’m so thankful that Allah has given me such a wonderful woman as my mother.


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