I’ll not take my hijab off

There is a Question from someone :

Salaam. I really need some advice.. I really feel like taking my hijab off. Not because I want attention, but because I fear going out in public with it. I feel someone will say something rude or stereotypical and I just feel “stuck” with it and a bit forced to wear it…. I feel I can’t do something as simple as volunteering with it on, because of my fear. Please help?


Waalaykom Assalaam.

Worst case scenario: Someone says the absolute worst thing to you that you could ever imagine. That you are a towel head. Terrorist. That you’re hideous because you cover your head. 

What then? Do you cry? Yell? Punch him in the face? Or do you stand up to that person and say, “I have a choice, as a woman, to wear whatever I want,whenever I want. You can feel free to say anything you want to me, but you can’t take away my choice. No one can—because Islam gave me that choice.” 

Do you wallow in self pity or do you stand up for yourself and all those Muslim women who have been beaten down by ignorance and a false sense of pride? 

I’m not trying to be rude or put you down. Not at all. And I commend you on taking the steps to wear the hijab in the first place—for some of us, it’s the hardest decision we’ve made. But don’t let your fear of others change your mind…because that means they’ll win. 

Find your confidence again, dear. Take pride in your ability, not just the way you look. If you’re volunteering at a hospital, complete your tasks splendidly. Represent Islam with pride, and show people that Muslim women can excel,despite what they may think. Because, whether we like it or not, we each of us represents our religion, especially when living in the West. 

I pray for only the best for you. And if you take nothing else away from here, just know that your decisions need to be based around your idea and yourunderstanding of Islam. Do not let others make decisions for you and do not let any person scare you. 

I got this conversation from TheGreaterJihad

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