Nasihat untuk para pelajar

Nasihat daripada USTADZ untuk pelajar-pelajar tercinta:


Solat jangan lupa, kerana ia asas agama.

Hormat ibu bapa, kerana ia pintu ke syurga.

Dengar kata guru, agar dapat ilmu berguna.

Jaga tutur kata, hanya sebut perkataan mulia.

Tiada mencarut, atau menghina, tidak mencaci atau mencela.

Al-Quran perlu dibaca, setiap hari tak kira masa.

Aurat tutup sempurna, baru hidup penuh pahala.

Pergelangan tangan dan muka sahaja, yang boleh terbuka wahai gadis jelita.

Jauhi rokok yang hina, wahai jejaka yang ‘macho’ belaka.

Jangan duduk rapat-rapat, antara teruna dan jua dara.

Jangan bermain cinta, kelak kecewa hati merana.

Belajar sungguh-sungguh, tuntut ilmu sampai ke tua.

Makan guna tangan kanan, minum mesti begitu jua.

Ini nasihat ustaz kepada murid-murid yang ustaz cinta.

Maafkan ustaz, jika ada tersilap kata.

Jika sayang ustaz, amalkan segala yang diajar belaka.

Ustaz Masri, 5 April 2013

The day we meet

Remember the day we met? do you remember although just a little? or am i the one who have been forgotten?

You were wearing that beautiful dress and with that, a smile that I’ll never forget. I was not even sure if you were the one. Good thing I remembered that smile, when I saw you for the very first time. It was almost an hour of waiting, for you to arrive. I ask myself is she still coming?… While I was waiting for you, I looked back during those times when we used to talk all night and had those silly conversations. I was very excited to have those special moments again but this time it is right next to you. I have waited for so long just to feel your warm embrace and to be with you even for just a week.

It was a week that we’ll never forget. We had so much laughter that we made the best memories together. Memories that we can share to our grandchildren and even to their grandchildren . A week that nobody can take from us. It was the turning point of my life. Realizing that I want to spend my whole life being with you. To the point that I just don’t want to let go.

Time has come when all that laughter are turning into dust, I was about to leave you. After a week of sleepless nights and wonderful morning together, we need to face again the reality. The reality that is keeping us apart. Facing the fact that maybe one day the odds may never want to see us together.

Our love is made up of trust and constant communication. Never holding back on each other. Having those moments, just to say good morning and just falling asleep during those nights we talk and laughed. I wish we can be together right now.. Maybe, someday we will. All I wish for is that we can still feel this way even if things had change.

Life will never tell us what will happen tomorrow, so I always remind myself how we fell in love and how we made it, against all odds.

Jangan Membenci :D

gini lah bray kalau terpaksa membenci jangan ketara

sembunyikan bersama sabarmu biarkan dia berkata-kata

relakan dia buat segala apa yang nak dia buat, pendam rasamu, rendam kata-kata kasarmu.

Jika terpaksa membenci,  yah benci aja seadanya, jangan dirinya tetapi kelakuannya
jangan keterlaluan, jangan berlebihan diam… kau coba lah sikit maniskan wajah. HAHAHA :))

Jika terpaksa membenci, jangan sampai dapat dibaca, sembunyikan segala di sudut hatimu
namun, ingat jangan beri hatimu kepadanya !

lalu Jika jika terpaksa membenci? HAHAHAHA alangkah indahnya kalau kalimat itu tiada 😀

Allah is Enough for me

You May lose all you have

you may lose the people you love  

but as long as you still have Allah, you have all you need 🙂

When you know you are trying your best, When to please your Maker you never rest. Then excuse those who do not see the light, In what you stand for and constantly fight. Those who unjustly try to serve a punch, The Almighty Alone protects from that bunch. Those who say a lot but know you not, Should be ashamed of what they’ve now got. Waste not your time straightening their line, Rather draw a perfect one & you’ll be fine. But correct yourself if they are indeed right, For that is righteousness in His Sight!”

It’s about to be a better Muslim

“When you see a female dressed in a manner that is unacceptable Islamically, do not for a moment think that she is lower than you spiritually. If you do that, you are lower than her. Believe me, that is the teaching of your religion. She might have a link with her creator that you do not know about. She might have a heart that is tons better than yours. She might have one weakness that is outward, and you have 50 weaknesses that are hidden.” — Mufti Ismail Menk

And also same goes on everything in this life, don’t look down on others, don’t judge someone because their sin differently than you it will be better if we give advice to others softly and we also fix every our action because you know? It’s not about to be better than anyone but rather to be a better person than we were yesterday to be a better muslim .:))

Fakta Dakwah

karena terkadang Tidak semua gambar berunsurkan dakwah dapat menyentuh jiwa-jiwa yang melihatnya,
Tidak semua bait-bait perkataan bertemakan dakwah dapat membuka pintu hati-hati yang membacanya,
Tidak semua butir-butir bicara sang pendakwah dapat menyedarkan mereka yang kontang.

Dakwah perlukan ilmu,
Dakwah perlukan tarbiyah,
Dakwah perlu berterusan,
Dakwah perlukan komtimen,
Dakwah perlukan pengorbanan.

Dakwah bukan seperti jualan album,
Dakwah ini asing di mata masyarakat,
Dakwah dipandang remeh, dicaci, ditolak ditindas,
Namun, mereka tetap menyampaikan kerana Sabda Rasulullah SAW :“Sampaikanlah dariku walau hanya satu ayat” [Bukhari]

Jika kita ini tidak mampu berdakwah,
Janganlah kita ini menjadi antara orang yang menjatuhkan dakwah,
Semoga Allah tidak memalingkan hati-hati sang dai’e dalam memperjuangkan agama Allah.
Dan, semoga kita akan tergolong diantara mereka yang berjihad memperjuangkan agama Allah.

Dan hendaklah ada di antara kamu satu puak yang menyeru (berdakwah) kepada kebajikan (mengembangkan Islam), dan menyuruh berbuat segala perkara yang baik, serta melarang daripada segala yang salah (buruk dan keji). Dan mereka yang bersifat demikian ialah orang-orang yang berjaya. [Al-Imran 3:104]

yang jadi catatan disini Janganlah kita ini menjadi antara orang yang menjatuhkan dakwah kalau bisa malah kita sokong karena mereka memperjuangan apa yang layak untuk diperjuangkan, kejayaan islam insyaAllah 🙂

because you know broh?   terkadang Perubahan memang perlu dilakukan walaupun sedikit. oke gue emang belum baik, gue mesti lakukan perubahan yah setidaknya gue bakal lakukan meskipun secara perlahan ….

yah Jika tak mampu solat berjemaah- usah melambatkan solat. Jika tak mampu mengaji- usah berhenti belajar agama. Jika tak mampu berdakwah- usah berhenti menyediakan diri untuk didakwahkan. Jika tak mampu berhenti maksiat- usah berhenti bertaubat. Jika tak mampu mendatangi ketaatan- usah berhenti berdoa diberikan kekuatan. karena pada akhirnya perubahan itu benar” perlu untuk muhasabah diri 

you’ll find someone just for you :)

Question : Salam. I never thought I’d ever go through a heart break. I always thought it wasn’t for me but secretly I’ve liked this brother for a loong time now. I found out that he likes someone else and wants to marry her, who’s my best friend. I’m so shy to tell anyone, thinking they would simply tell me to just get over it. But it hurts :/and my self esteem just took a huge blow. I really went ahead of myself nd let those feelings take over. I didn’t think it’d be like this. I just want to cry 😦 Help

answer :  Waalaykom Assalaam.

I was discussing something similar to this recently with my mentor/one of the kindest and most awesome people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. 

And so he told me a story. He had been engaged and in love to the woman of his dreams for two years; they were talking about getting married and having children. One day, she broke up with him. He didn’t tell me why, but the expression on his face as he was recalling the event was enough to make me understand how devastated he was. He then looked at me and said, “I never thought I would get over it. I wondered why God would do something like this to me. But Subhan Allah, six months later, the best thing that could have ever happened, happened.”

His wife then joined us and told me how they met—how they had been at an event and someone asked her what she thought of him—how she had said he was unattractive and weird—how then she decided to give him a chance—and then how they got married two months later in a mosque with a couple dozen people, because, despite being well-off, they wanted to start their journey together with modesty.

He told me that sometimes, despite how much you want certain things to happen, they won’t happen. They just won’t. And right when you think that all hope is gone, God will send you a sign and assure you that everything will be okay. Masha Allah. He’s been happily married for over 12 years and with four of the craziest and most adorable kids.

Few things hurt as much as loving someone who loves someone else. You can almost feel it tear away at you. But you have to get up, and you have to keep going. You have to have faith in the only One who is All-Knowing and Wise. Because God is the best of planners, and Insha Allah He will send you the best person for you when the time is right.  

Please, don’t look at it as if there is something wrong with you. A relationship is based off of two people and how well they work together. This may mean that you would not have worked well as a unit, despite both of you being magnificent people. He didn’t have feelings for your friend because youweren’t good enough, he had them because he thought she would be better with him. 

It’s okay to cry and have a date night with every girl’s best friends, Ben and Jerry. No one said life was easy, and no one said you would just be able to “get over” a heartbreak. However, try not to resent your friend; she deserves to be happy too. Just take it one day at a time. And Insha Allah, in due time, you’ll find someone just for you 🙂

now you mention it, well what a great answer i got from thegreaterjihad but wait wait…

 i mean it’s not me who asked a question i just copy it here because i like the answer hehe :3

Sedikit Pelajaran dari Psikologi


  • ketika seseorang terlalu sering tertawa, bahkan dalam hal yang tidak masuk akal sekalipun, kemungkinan besar, dibaliknya, ia sedangmerasa sangat sedih
  • ketika seseorang terlalu banyak tidur atau bahkan sulit tidur, kemungkinan besar, ia sedang merasa kesepian
  • ketika seseorang berbicara terlalu sedikit, atau berbicara terlalu cepat, kemungkinan besar, ia sedang merahasiakan sesuatu
  • ketika seseorang tidak bisa menangis, kemungkinan besar ia seorang yang lemah
  • ketika seseorang makan terlalu banyak atau terlalu sedikit, kemungkinan besar ia sedang banyak tekanan
  • ketika seseorang menangis untuk hal hal kecil, kemungkinan besar ia memiliki hati yang lembut
  • ketika seseorang tampak terlalu sibuk dengan kegiatannya, kemungkinan besar ia sedang butuh ayahnya
  • ketika seseorang tidak peduli dengan lingkungannya, kemungkinan besar ia sedang butuh ibunya 
  • ketika seseorang terlalu sering berkata kasar, kemungkinan besar, ia sedang membenci dirinya sendiri
  • ketika seseorang menanyakan kabarmu meskipun ia sedang sibuk, kemungkinan besar, ia sedang mencintaimu

Insult without knowing the truth?

Today, I came across a report that a visiting scholar had made a mistake in prayer. Some people shouted and screamed at him saying, “Our prayers don’t count. We need to redo it again.” The disrespect and vulgarity of this brazen attack is disgusting and has no place in the masjid. Yes, you better go back and pray your prayers. This is because even if a person prays, fasts and does many good deeds, without manners, all has gone to waste.  – Abdulrahman Chao.

well maybe it’s Funny for me how we only like people when they are perfect, and as soon as they make a mistake, we vilify and insult them. So Dear all my readers yeah think twice before insult or judge someone because you know what? we never know what kind of battle they are fighting and we never feel their pain. maybe someone who make a mistake never intend to do it and Allah Knows Best 🙂 

Yours Sincerely : Me 🙂

Pengen punya follower twitter banyak?

Menambah Follower twitter? bagaimana cara menambah follower twitter?

buat orang” yang eksis gila dan merasa pengen selebtwit pengen punya Follower layaknya artis-artis papan atas bukan begitu, nyonya”dan tuan”? HAHAHA 😀

Kalo di twitter, pasti pada pengen punya follower banyak. Hiak, pernah denger jual beli follower? 

Kalo di twitter, pasti pada pengen punya follower banyak. Hiak, pernah denger jual beli follower?

Banyak banget oknum2 yang memanfaatkan moment seperti ini, karena gitulah orang licik.

Jangan sampai tertipu dengan jual beli follower, ada beberapa tipsnya nih. Mau atau mau?

1. Kalo buat cek follower, bisa menggunakan | 

2. Tapi itu tidak menjadi sebuah jaminan untuk melakukan analisa follower. Karena tidak 100% valid. Why?

3. Aplikasi tadi, hanya melakukan cek untuk 1000 follower terakhir. Bisa baca disini (  ) | 

4. Kategori Follower ada tiga jenis. biasanya dibahas di pelatihan. Aktif – Pasif – BOT.

5. Yang dibahas sekarang, gimana biar gak ketipu sama oknum2 curang yang jual beli follower? (–,)/ Siap?

ada yang ketipu ama jual beli follower palsu, ada emang ada *ngeyakinin

Pengalaman emang mahal, biar gak ngalamin. mungkin bisa baca2 postingan ini

6. Kalo ada yang nawarin follower dan bilang follower aktif, tanya “Aktifnya dari mana?”

7. Kalau Aktifnya karena account follower ngetweet, itu gak jaminan. Karena ada program yang bisa bikin acc ngetweet sendiri.

8. Kalau Aktif karena RETWEETED TIMES / Banyak yang RETWEET. itu juga bukan jaminan.

9. Melihat follower aktif atau tidak, bukan dari APLIKASI, Bukan dari RETWEET, Bukan dari Tweet. Tapi…

10. Untuk melihat aktif apa tidaknya follower, palsu apa tidaknya. Lihat dari mention yang masuk. 🙂

11. kalau mau beli account, ada baiknya analisa baik2. Kalau memang dia tidak melakukan kecurangan, pasti berani.

Lebih cermat dan teliti lagi, jangan sampai kerugi karena di curangi oknum2 yang memanfaatkan kecurangan guys 🙂