Insult without knowing the truth?

Today, I came across a report that a visiting scholar had made a mistake in prayer. Some people shouted and screamed at him saying, “Our prayers don’t count. We need to redo it again.” The disrespect and vulgarity of this brazen attack is disgusting and has no place in the masjid. Yes, you better go back and pray your prayers. This is because even if a person prays, fasts and does many good deeds, without manners, all has gone to waste.  – Abdulrahman Chao.

well maybe it’s Funny for me how we only like people when they are perfect, and as soon as they make a mistake, we vilify and insult them. So Dear all my readers yeah think twice before insult or judge someone because you know what? we never know what kind of battle they are fighting and we never feel their pain. maybe someone who make a mistake never intend to do it and Allah Knows Best 🙂 

Yours Sincerely : Me 🙂

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