My Story


Sometimes when i get hurt. i also get angry, feeling like want to be alone, be isolate, be quiet

but at the same time there are people around me who worried about me . that love me and want to see me smile

well, I have comrades, Teacher, Brothers and sisters, Father, Mother and the most important is Allah S.W.T 🙂 (our GOD)

so in the end i think life musn’t be alone and quiet because love doesn’t come once.

sometimes getting hurt teach me something precious, i learn so many experience, so many truth and lies hahaha

and if there is anyone out there who said I HATE YOU !! i will answer it like Really? HATE ME? HAHAHAHAHAHA okay I HATE ME TOO. hell no ! I’m just kidding lol

I love myself, it’s not even my business, still i will not see you as my enemy 😀

I’ll Respect people who respect me, will love them even more 🙂

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