Struggle in My College

Salam Alaik Guys,

Thank goodness, finally i have spirit to write over again in this blog. it has been a while since i got a little busy in my college and so i have a tough time in there. well i want to tell something i’ve kept a long time all about my college.

It’s better if we start with reading Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem 🙂

maybe it’s not something that important but i’m still college student in the 5th semester, 5th semester? hahaha it’s quite funny i can made it this far. still have 3 semester left and i’ll pass this college InsyaAllah Aamiin.

I take managerial accounting department even though it’s not mine at all, how funny when i passed senior high school and come to this college to register and i put my choice in this department. it’s just sounds good to hear such a “Manager” in my ears that day *kinda lame* -_-

but i can’t regret it, i thought it will be easier for me if i try to live and wish if time can bring me to understand it yet that was just my imagination now i’m stuck in this deparment. AND NOW I FEEL LIKE *I JUST WANNA DIE* haha hell no of course it’s kidding  :))

i know that my heart prefers to Design and Graphic, Information Technology. but how can i stuck in this deparment at least i should take engineering than this., I’m struggle too much in this department. luckily i have some friend who feel the same as mine.

but that doesnt mean that i and my friend way too stupid or such a dumbass who don’t understand a thing, we just struggle in 2 subject from 7 subject. it means that we just need more study harder than before even ain’t nobody got time for that haha 😀

and so in my college it takes so many hour just for study, basically it’s about 8 hours same like worker who work at company. i expected too much to become college student when i was in senior high school.

honestly it’s quite suck when we’re surrounded by some task everyday, it’s like they just want to make us live our life like a robot. still when i get stressed in college, my mom yelled at me in home sometimes when she get overtired from her office . it’s getting harder everyday seems like i can’t enjoy this live anymore. i’m here not blaming anyone, education or standart in education, and also i’m not even making an excuse or create justification. this is the truth

we are restricted for some task, like they don’t even know maybe we have something more important to do outside, not a few lecture who see us just on academic. there is a reason why i didn’t end up to join the organization in my college. i can’t describe it,  that way to complicated.

i just need to think outside the box sometimes, make my life more worthy than before, live this world as a real human who just not master in academic but in faith, confidence, my religion.  

I didn’t blame Allah(Swt) because He didn’t give me what i wanted, rather blame myself for not trusting Him, because maby He might have something better for me later. I realize that there’s purpose in every struggle that we face. Continue and continue to trust Allah Swt No matter how bad things may look, His grace is enough, right?

i don’t mean and intend if there are my words that insult anyone, no offense 🙂

when you work on the things you dont like, you stucked when you work on the things you dont know, you stucked when you working with those who helpless, you stucked so, choose your carrier wisely. or you stucked like me.


Note: sorry for my bad english, whether my grammar that make you guys confused, but i alr try as best as i can 🙂


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