Happy Eid Mubarak :D

I found something beautiful when see my dashboard on tumblr

it comes from Thebeautyofislam, here is the post

On Eid, I make du’a for all the Muslims who feel lonely on this special day. Those who don’t come from religious families, those who might not even have families, those who live in communities without any other Muslims around, those away from home, etc – whatever the circumstances may be. Allah knows best.

Especially for all you converts out there, you take priority in my du’a on 3id wallahi. ❤ I know your pain because to a decent degree, I feel it in my own soul every day and on Eid especially. I pray that Allah swt blesses us with a better future soon. Chin up, we in dis togethaaah.

I love each and everyone of you for the sake of Allah!!! ❤

I totally love this post and still i can’t say anything much in this eid so let this post represents me 😀
Anyway Happy Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂

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