There is a beautiful meaning behind InshaAllah


Sometime I say inshaAllah kheir without actually thinking about it. Everything that Allah ta’ala blesses us with is indeed kheir. But when I really ponder over it, it has a deeper meaning.

So me and my friend, we both rushed to the classroom, we had about an hour or so till our exam started. We went through what we had learned and tried to explain it to each other. But suddenly I felt like I had forgot everything that I had learned, okay not everything, I remembered something, but not much. But still I thought inshaAllah kheir. I thought to myself only Allah could make this exam easy for me. So Allah, please make me remember when I am inside. So I walked into the classroom, and subhanAllah I remembered much more than I thought I would. It just came. This is just a small example.

The meaning behind this is that it is only Allah who can make things possible and easy for us. And only He knows what is best for us. Sometimes we think, oh why did I not make it?! But keep in mind there is a reason behind it. Maybe you doing it the second time – makes you more grateful than you would have been after making it at first. Maybe that you do it the second time causes you to spend more time reading to it than using time on other things. We may get irritated and sad about it. But there is a meaning behind it. There is actually a beautiful meaning behind it. We just can’t see it right then. Because Allah does things for a reason, and the reasons of Allah is the best of reasons. We human think just there and then, while Allah thinks longer. We have to inshaAllah always think that whatever happens is kheir. If you think like that, you will be succeed and the hope will rise, inshaAllah. 


Of course InshaAllah have a different meaning in the other ways like you know. nowadays people use and say InshaAllah just like that such as it just becomes a nicer way to say no for rejection , like example when your friend invite you to come to his house, when someone invite you to attend Islamic seminar or whatsoever. and when they say “could you please come to my house today?” or maybe “i’m count on you for our event tomorrow”, or “can you come earlier to campus today?” when suddenly people answer with InshaAllah it’s quite natural for us as a person to feel, and ended up wondering. what i’m supposed to guess? it’s a “No” or it’s a “Yes”?

yet for people who already know the meaning of InshaAllah you better use it righteous, don’t ended up making someone’s expectation goes high and getting confused from our answer. just simply say “No” with polite attitude if you can’t, and just say “Yes, InshaAllah I will”  if you absolutly can, and if you still got dilemma and distracted you can say “InshaAllah i will, if i can’t i will let you know and inform you later” Honestly this kind of things still happen in my real life. so i need to write this as a reminder for me. of course! let me know if my opinion and my less knowledge contradict with yours so we can discuss and i can get more knowledge from all of you.

this picture from Muslim Show can represents what i’ve written a little 😀



One thought on “There is a beautiful meaning behind InshaAllah

  1. “….while Allah thinks longer”. Just a word of caution. Allah is all knowing. Human thinks. “Wa lam ya Ku’l lazi kufu wan ahad”. And there is none like onto him.

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