Talking About Time




Well well talking about time, there is something special about time, if i recall it sounds like “time is the most precious thing, so worth it to us”

as human beings, and especially as muslims, it is our duty to put our time into good use. you are on this earth for a limited time, and before you know your days will pass before your eyes and you will have wasted most of your life away.

start now. start young. pick up the Quran. pick up a book. stop arguing with others about things you have limited knowledge of. stop arguing with people, period. don’t you dare spend a second being negative and bringing others down, the world already has enough of that, be positive and act beautifully to other people. by helping others, you help strengthen your own core. get involved in intellectual discussions, every second you spend talking about mediocre things is an insult to your brain. help yourself evolve. focus on living a healthy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. maintain your prayers. try to pray them on time, always. it is the biggest blessing as muslims, it is a mercy to our own souls, don’t take it lightly. grow. grow grow and never stop growing. question everything until you come to conclusions and are fully convinced in what you believe in. this faith is not for the loosely convinced. if you are going to believe, believe with all your heart and soul. 

stop sitting around. stop waiting for something to happen. stop saying “tomorrow”. the time to work is now. the time to learn is now. the time to grow is now. the time to be kind, to yourself and to others is now. make something of your life. God placed you on this Earth to see what you can make of your life, so make Him proud by putting your all.


Oh Allah i’m on my way, help me 🙂

Welcome Ramadhan 2013 :)


Yuhuu Allhamdulilah it’s Ramadhan tomorrow, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Alhamdulilah if we meet again. May this Ramadhan brings barakah toward us. Aamiin InsyaAllah, let’s forgive and forget previous mistake 🙂

Ramadhan always be the favorite month for all muslim around the world. and so i love ramadhan because when it comes to ramadhan the kid that who never prays, go praying. the girl who never covers, go covers. the guy who never goes to mosque, finally goes. okay even though it’s just for a month at least this kind of people have tasted the sweetness of faith. just pray all of us feel that sweetness of faith last longer or it should be forever until we die.

even if the kind of people just go like that one month, don’t say that only ramadhan muslims, rather we call them Muslims who may only need Ramadhan to change.

If Ramadan is the only time someone goes to the masjid, prays, wears hijab, stops drinking/smoking, doesn’t party, reads quran…etc then good for them. Don’t talk about them, don’t call them fake and don’t use that god awful term “ramadan muslims” to describe them because for all you know during that one month of the year they may be 10 times more sincere and pious than you are all year round. Remember that arrogance was shaytan’s downfall.

However in the end, I get some precious word

shouldn’t Waste  time debating what a good Muslim should be. Be one 🙂

Keep moving forward ~

Some advice I gave to a friend that I thought would be nice to share with all of you…

“You’re holding on to the past and letting it control you. The past, both good and bad, is in the past, so leave it there. There’s nothing you can do to change it. If what you left there is meant to be yours, it will return to you. But waiting for that unknown is useless and will only cause you pain. Look at what you have today. It’s true what they say: “The present is a gift.” Be grateful for the pain because it will make you stronger. Be ambitious towards growth and making change towards something better. And recognize that you are surround by blessings, and you must embrace the blessings and new opportunities and adventures in order to truly live and keep moving forward. Allah has not created you to stand still. He has created you to keep looking and moving forward. I know this is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. So, continue to be strong in faith and mind, and go after a better future, not after a bruised and fading past.”

– Nadir Keval

Ilmu dan Hidayah

Ada orang yang sudah berkeliling dunia, menjelajah kemana-mana, bertemu dengan bermacam-macam warna kulit dan suku bangsa, tapi pikirannya masih dangkal, hatinya sempit, tak secuilpun kebijaksanaan yang dipunyainya.

Ada pula orang yang setiap hari hanya bisa duduk di ruangan sempit, terkungkung dengan rutinitas-rutinitas itu-itu saja, tak pernah berpindah, tak pernah bepergian, tapi pikirannya dalam, hatinya lapang, kebijaksanaannya berlimpah.

Ternyata benar, bahwa urusan ilmu dan hidayah, hanya Sang Pencipta yang memegang kendali. Jika Pencipta menghendakinya, seorang yang tak berpendidikan pun bisa memiliki kebijaksanaan berlimpah. Sebaliknya, bila hati dan pikiran sudah ditutup oleh Penciptanya, tak secuilpun ilmu bisa masuk, sekalipun ia sudah mengitari seluruh dunia.

Written By : Ratnalaila

Allahu Tepat sekali bukan? Allah yang Maha Membolak-balekan hati,mari terus berdoa agar hati ini ditetapkan di jalanNya dan RidhoNya 🙂

Allah is Enough for me

You May lose all you have

you may lose the people you love  

but as long as you still have Allah, you have all you need 🙂

When you know you are trying your best, When to please your Maker you never rest. Then excuse those who do not see the light, In what you stand for and constantly fight. Those who unjustly try to serve a punch, The Almighty Alone protects from that bunch. Those who say a lot but know you not, Should be ashamed of what they’ve now got. Waste not your time straightening their line, Rather draw a perfect one & you’ll be fine. But correct yourself if they are indeed right, For that is righteousness in His Sight!”

Insult without knowing the truth?

Today, I came across a report that a visiting scholar had made a mistake in prayer. Some people shouted and screamed at him saying, “Our prayers don’t count. We need to redo it again.” The disrespect and vulgarity of this brazen attack is disgusting and has no place in the masjid. Yes, you better go back and pray your prayers. This is because even if a person prays, fasts and does many good deeds, without manners, all has gone to waste.  – Abdulrahman Chao.

well maybe it’s Funny for me how we only like people when they are perfect, and as soon as they make a mistake, we vilify and insult them. So Dear all my readers yeah think twice before insult or judge someone because you know what? we never know what kind of battle they are fighting and we never feel their pain. maybe someone who make a mistake never intend to do it and Allah Knows Best 🙂 

Yours Sincerely : Me 🙂

Love being alone


I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone.
I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.
It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realize that even though I like being alone, I don’t fancy being lonely. The sky is beautiful, but the people are sad. I just need someone who won’t run away.
and alone make me feels Allah is very near..or it’s just a such weird feeling because like to be alone? -_-


Izinkan aku mencintaiMu

Ijinkan Aku MencintaiMu..

Pantaskah aku berbicara tentang cinta,
ketika di batinku masih tersimpan berbagai keburukan..

Pantaskah aku mendekat kepadaMu,
ketika dalam sifatku masih tersembunyi kejahatan,
masih terbersit tipu daya,
masih penuh kotoran..

Sesungguhnya benar-benar pantaskah aku,
yang mengaku mencintaiMu..
Ketika aku selalu melanggar laranganMu,
ketika aku sering mengabaikan seruanMu,
ketika aku berpura-pura takut kepadaMu,
ketika aku banyak berkata dan sedikit berbuat..

Aduhai.., pantaskah aku mengaku mencintaiMu.

Pantaskah aku mengaku cinta,
sedang perbuatanku mencerminkan kedurhakaan?..

Allah, Ijinkan HambaMu MencintaiMu..

*speechless -_-

By; Abdullah Sholeh Hadrami

Kami Merinduimu ya Rasulullah :’)

“Pada suatu ketika, Rasulullah bertanya kepada para sahabat, “Siapakah yang paling luar biasa imannya?”

Para sahabat menjawab, “Malaikat, ya Rasulallah.”

Balas Rasulullah, “Sudah tentulah malaikat luar biasa imannya, kerana mereka sentiasa di sisi Allah.”

Seketika terdiam para sahabat, dan menjawab lagi, “Para nabi, ya Rasulallah.”

Rasulullah berkata, “Para nabi sudah tentu hebat imannya, kerana mereka menerima wahyu daripada Allah.”

Para sahabat mencuba lagi, “Kalau begitu, kamilah yang paling beriman.”

Jawab Rasulullah, “Aku berada di tengah-tengah kalian, sudah tentulah kalian orang yang paling beriman.”

Lalu, salah seorang daripada sahabat berkata, “Kalau begitu, Allah dan Rasul-Nya sahajalah yang mengetahui.” Maka dengan nada perlahan, Rasulullah berkata ; “Mereka adalah umat yang hidup selepas aku. Mereka membaca al-Quran dan beriman dengan isinya. Orang yang beriman denganku dan pernah bertemu denganku, adalah orang yang bahagia. Namun orang yang tujuh kali lebih bahagia adalah mereka yang tidak pernah bertemu aku tetapi beriman denganku.” Rasulullah diam seketika. Kemudian, beliau menyambung dengan suara yang lirih, “Sesungguhnya, aku rindukan mereka….” Sollu ‘alan nabi..” 

“Ya Rasulullah, kami juga amat merinduimu ketika ini :’)

Perkara yang membuat kita buta

saat bila tiba-tiba kita akhirnya menangis.
sebab perkara remeh temeh.
hal-hal kecik.
setelah lama mata kita kering.

barulah akhirnya kita tersedar,
kita rupanya belum cukup kuat.
hati masih rapuh,
ada ruang, ada lompong, ada kosong.
ada jarak,

dengan Tuhan.

kita alpa, kita lalai. kita lupa, kita leka.
DIA datang, DIA tunjuk.
perkara-perkara besar sudah membuat kita BUTA,
maka datang perkara-perkara kecil membuat kita terJAGA.