Hurts to let go












For some reason It hurts for me to let go. do you ever feel that? Sometimes it seems miserable the harder i try to hold on to something or someone who purpose to go away since the beginning yeah the more i try to hold on the more it wants to get away. hahaha this is quite sad. if i just knew it in the first time, i wouldn’t even try.  and then i feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. i wish my feeling were wrong or it will makes me feel so small because you know what? it’s so hard to keep it inside, I’m  left so alone that i can’t explain.

That’s the Worst feeling when


You might be looked down upon by those around you, be ridiculed, considered strange, feel left-out. You might feel misunderstood, having no friends, and nobody to talk with.

You might be constantly tested with trials in your health, wealth, and work/school. Perhaps it might seem as if the whole world is against you.

But keep strong, keep striving on the path of righteousness. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but remember this, they might be enjoying themselves now for some time, but you will have eternal enjoyment and they will have eternal torment.

What they have now might seem as a bag of diamonds to you, but in reality it is mere sand, and the diamonds, yes, they are actually in your hands.


well said because sometimes i just feel like that, i have no idea what’s going on inside my life, my mind, my heart. i just feel so miserable, distracted and feel like there is a mess inside my heart. but yeah Allah Knows best, i may’not lose hope, faith, He Always has a great planning over all. O Allah Fix My Heart because sometimes life gets harder, but i must take it as something to make me better and stronger and suddenly i remembered these awesome words.

Sometimes we become overtaken by sadness to the degree that we forget that there are many things in life that can make us happy- Mufti Ismail Menk