Happy Eid Mubarak :D

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On Eid, I make du’a for all the Muslims who feel lonely on this special day. Those who don’t come from religious families, those who might not even have families, those who live in communities without any other Muslims around, those away from home, etc – whatever the circumstances may be. Allah knows best.

Especially for all you converts out there, you take priority in my du’a on 3id wallahi. ❤ I know your pain because to a decent degree, I feel it in my own soul every day and on Eid especially. I pray that Allah swt blesses us with a better future soon. Chin up, we in dis togethaaah.

I love each and everyone of you for the sake of Allah!!! ❤

I totally love this post and still i can’t say anything much in this eid so let this post represents me 😀
Anyway Happy Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂

Talking About Time




Well well talking about time, there is something special about time, if i recall it sounds like “time is the most precious thing, so worth it to us”

as human beings, and especially as muslims, it is our duty to put our time into good use. you are on this earth for a limited time, and before you know your days will pass before your eyes and you will have wasted most of your life away.

start now. start young. pick up the Quran. pick up a book. stop arguing with others about things you have limited knowledge of. stop arguing with people, period. don’t you dare spend a second being negative and bringing others down, the world already has enough of that, be positive and act beautifully to other people. by helping others, you help strengthen your own core. get involved in intellectual discussions, every second you spend talking about mediocre things is an insult to your brain. help yourself evolve. focus on living a healthy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. maintain your prayers. try to pray them on time, always. it is the biggest blessing as muslims, it is a mercy to our own souls, don’t take it lightly. grow. grow grow and never stop growing. question everything until you come to conclusions and are fully convinced in what you believe in. this faith is not for the loosely convinced. if you are going to believe, believe with all your heart and soul. 

stop sitting around. stop waiting for something to happen. stop saying “tomorrow”. the time to work is now. the time to learn is now. the time to grow is now. the time to be kind, to yourself and to others is now. make something of your life. God placed you on this Earth to see what you can make of your life, so make Him proud by putting your all.


Oh Allah i’m on my way, help me 🙂

Welcome Ramadhan 2013 :)


Yuhuu Allhamdulilah it’s Ramadhan tomorrow, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Alhamdulilah if we meet again. May this Ramadhan brings barakah toward us. Aamiin InsyaAllah, let’s forgive and forget previous mistake 🙂

Ramadhan always be the favorite month for all muslim around the world. and so i love ramadhan because when it comes to ramadhan the kid that who never prays, go praying. the girl who never covers, go covers. the guy who never goes to mosque, finally goes. okay even though it’s just for a month at least this kind of people have tasted the sweetness of faith. just pray all of us feel that sweetness of faith last longer or it should be forever until we die.

even if the kind of people just go like that one month, don’t say that only ramadhan muslims, rather we call them Muslims who may only need Ramadhan to change.

If Ramadan is the only time someone goes to the masjid, prays, wears hijab, stops drinking/smoking, doesn’t party, reads quran…etc then good for them. Don’t talk about them, don’t call them fake and don’t use that god awful term “ramadan muslims” to describe them because for all you know during that one month of the year they may be 10 times more sincere and pious than you are all year round. Remember that arrogance was shaytan’s downfall.

However in the end, I get some precious word

shouldn’t Waste  time debating what a good Muslim should be. Be one 🙂

It’s about to be a better Muslim

“When you see a female dressed in a manner that is unacceptable Islamically, do not for a moment think that she is lower than you spiritually. If you do that, you are lower than her. Believe me, that is the teaching of your religion. She might have a link with her creator that you do not know about. She might have a heart that is tons better than yours. She might have one weakness that is outward, and you have 50 weaknesses that are hidden.” — Mufti Ismail Menk

And also same goes on everything in this life, don’t look down on others, don’t judge someone because their sin differently than you it will be better if we give advice to others softly and we also fix every our action because you know? It’s not about to be better than anyone but rather to be a better person than we were yesterday to be a better muslim .:))

Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ said

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Said : 

  • “There is a group of Allāh’s angels who move about the streets searching for the people who mention Him. When they find a group doing that, they call each other, “Here is what you are looking for.”
  • Then they cover that group with their wings right up to the sky.
  • When these angels return to the heavens, their Lord asks them, although He knows the answer:
  • “What were My Servants saying?”
  • They say:
  • “They were describing Your Holiness and Greatness, and were busy praising and glorifying You.”
  • Allāh then asks: “Have they seen Me?”
  • The angels reply: “By Allāh! They have not seen You.”
  • Allāh says: “What would they have done if they could see me?”
  • The angels reply: “They would then be even more busy in their worship, glorification, and praise.”
  • Then Allāh asks: “What did they want from Me?”
  • The angels reply: “They asked You for Jannah (Heaven).”
  • Allāh says: “Have they seen it?”
  • They answer: “No, by Allāh! They have not seen it.”
  • Allāh says: “What would they have done if they had seen it?”
  • The angels answer: “Had they seen it, they would desire it more eagerly, and would work harder to deserve it.”
  • Then Allāh asks: “From what thing did they want Me to protect them?”
  • The angels answer: “They wanted to be protected from Hell.”
  • Allāh says: “Have they seen it?”
  • They answer: “No, by Allāh! They have not seen it.”
  • Allāh says: “What would they have done if they had seen it?”
  • The angels answer: “Had they seen it, they would have feared it and run from it even more.”
  • Then Allāh says: “Be My witnesses: I have forgiven them!”
  • One of the angels then says: “But among them was a person who is not one of them. He had simply come for something he needed.”
  • Allāh says: “I have forgiven him too, just because he happened to sit with them. Anyone who sits with those people will not be a loser.”

Imam Ash-Shafi’iee Quote

Let days go forth and do as they please, And remain firm when settled is the Decree

Don’t be afraid of what happens by night, For the affairs of this world are not to last

And be a man, strong in the face of calamities, And let your nature be that of kindness and honesty

If your faults become too much in front of the people, And you wish that they were to be concealed,

Then know that kindness covers all faults, And how many faults are kept hidden by kindness!

No sadness lasts forever, nor any happiness, And you shall not remain in poverty, or any luxury

Generosity cannot be hoped from the miserly, For no water exists in the Fire for the thirsty

Your provision will not be decreased due to life’s delays, And it cannot be increased due to your haste

If, in your heart, you possess contentment, Then you and those who possess the world are equal

And for him upon whose horizon death descends, No earth can offer him protection, nor any sky

Indeed, the earth of Allah is certainly vast, But if decree descends, then the world constricts

Let days be the ones that betray you at all times, For no cure can avail a person of death.

Imam Ash-Shafi’iee (rahimahullah)

I’ll not take my hijab off

There is a Question from someone :

Salaam. I really need some advice.. I really feel like taking my hijab off. Not because I want attention, but because I fear going out in public with it. I feel someone will say something rude or stereotypical and I just feel “stuck” with it and a bit forced to wear it…. I feel I can’t do something as simple as volunteering with it on, because of my fear. Please help?


Waalaykom Assalaam.

Worst case scenario: Someone says the absolute worst thing to you that you could ever imagine. That you are a towel head. Terrorist. That you’re hideous because you cover your head. 

What then? Do you cry? Yell? Punch him in the face? Or do you stand up to that person and say, “I have a choice, as a woman, to wear whatever I want,whenever I want. You can feel free to say anything you want to me, but you can’t take away my choice. No one can—because Islam gave me that choice.” 

Do you wallow in self pity or do you stand up for yourself and all those Muslim women who have been beaten down by ignorance and a false sense of pride? 

I’m not trying to be rude or put you down. Not at all. And I commend you on taking the steps to wear the hijab in the first place—for some of us, it’s the hardest decision we’ve made. But don’t let your fear of others change your mind…because that means they’ll win. 

Find your confidence again, dear. Take pride in your ability, not just the way you look. If you’re volunteering at a hospital, complete your tasks splendidly. Represent Islam with pride, and show people that Muslim women can excel,despite what they may think. Because, whether we like it or not, we each of us represents our religion, especially when living in the West. 

I pray for only the best for you. And if you take nothing else away from here, just know that your decisions need to be based around your idea and yourunderstanding of Islam. Do not let others make decisions for you and do not let any person scare you. 

I got this conversation from TheGreaterJihad

Remember Your Role Model

  • when becoming humiliated, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] in Ta’if.  


  • When being starved, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of Khandaq. 


  • When becoming angry, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s control of anger on the martyrdom of his beloved Uncle Hamza.


  • When losing a tooth, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s tooth in the battle of Uhud. 


  • When bleeding from any part of the body, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s body covered in blood on his return from Ta’if. 


  • When feeling lonely, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s seclusion in Mount Hira.        


  •  When feeling tired in Salaat, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s blessed feet in Tahajjud.


  •  When being prickled with thorns, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him]’s pain from Abu Lahab’s wife.


  • When being troubled by neighbours, remember the old woman who would empty rubbish on the Prophet[Peace be upon him].


  •  When losing a child, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s son, Ibrahim.


  •  When beginning a long journey, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s long journey to Madinah.


  •  When going against a Sunnah, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s intercession, (Ummati, Ummati, Ummati) (My Ummah).


  •  When sacrificing an animal, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him]’s sacrifice of 63 animals for his Ummah.


  •  Before shaving your beard, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s face rejecting the two beardless Iranians.


  • When falling into an argument with your wife, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s encounter with Aisha and Hafsa (Radhiallahu anha)


  • When experiencing less food in the house, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s days of poverty.


  •  When experiencing poverty, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s advice to Ashaab-e-Suffa (People of Suffa).


  •  When losing a family member, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s departure from this world.


  •  When becoming an orphan, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s age at six.


  •  When sponsoring an orphan, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s sponsor for Zaid ibn Haritha.


  •   When fearing an enemy, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s saying to Abu Bakr in Mount Thour.

Whatever situation you may find yourself in, remember your role model, the best of creation: Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]

Advice :)


If you do not want punishment to be written in your account, behave well with your parents.

If you want to be known amongst people as an intelligent person, always fear Allah.

If you want to be counted amongst Allah’s favourites, recite Quran every morning and evening.

If you want your heart to always be enlightened, never forget death.

If you never want to be away from Allah’s blessings, treat fellow creatures well.

If you never want to be harmed by your enemies, always have faith in Allah.

If you never want to be humiliated, be careful of your actions.

If you want to live long, always do sile rahm (goodness towards blood relations)

If you wish to stay free of the punishment of the grave, always wear pure clothes.

If you don’t want to burn in hell, control your eyes and tongues.

If you want forgiveness, repent with sincere humility to Allah.

If you want to be respected, never extend you hand of need at people.

If you always want to be honoured, never humiliate or put anyone down.

If you don’t want to be squashed by the grave recite Surah Mulk often.

If you want your wealth to increase, recite Surah Waqia every night.

If you want to be safe and at peace on the day of judgement, do dhikr of Allah from dusk to night.

If you want to be in full attention and concentration during salah, do your wudhu with concentration and attention.


 – Prophet Muhammad (saw) Peace Be Upon Him 😦

Standing by His Mother’s Bedside


A long time ago there lived a great saint. His name was Sharafud-Din and he loved his mother very much. Once, when Sharafud-Din was still small, his mother fell very ill and had to stay in bed. One night she awoke with a burning thirst and called out to her son to bring her a bowl of water.

The young boy hurried to do her bidding, but when he returned to her bedside with the water, he discovered that she had fallen asleep again. Sharafud-Din was not sure what to do. Should he wake her up or wait until she awoke, or leave the water by her bedside and go back to bed himself? He decided to wait until she awoke.

Minutes passed…hours passed…the night passed…and still the small boy waited patiently with the water at his mother’s side. Finally his mother awoke a little after the first light of dawn had paled the sky, and to her surprise there was her beloved son at her side.

“How long have you been standing here?” she asked. “You haven’t been there all night have you?”

‘Yes, mother,” he replied, “I have been here since you asked me to bring you some water.”

His mother was deeply touched by his devotion, and asked Allah to pour His blessings on her son. One day he grew up to be a great saint!