Powerful Tips for the Last 10 Nights

Maybe i know it’s alr late to say this but  Ramadhan Al mubarak to my brothers and sisters in islam 😀

I hope Allah pass over us with blessings, Iman, safety, and in the belief of Islam. Grant us the ability to act on the actions that You love and Pleases You. My Lord and Your Lord is Allah”. [tirmithi-ahmad] 

and we also can continue our good deed as if Ramadhan still keep going InsyaAllah 🙂

so i got this on this site, it is such a waste or i will feel bad if i just apply this by myself without let others know tho maybe many people alr know about this 🙂

anyway My symphaty on our brothers and sister in gaza, the most powerful to take responsibility of this massacre is world government; but it doesn’t mean we couldn’t do anything. don’t forget to always pray to Allah for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, 

So this is powerful tips for the last 10 night hope can be of any use

10 malam akhir ramadan

1. Do not let your ‘performance’ until now affect your last 10 days. The moment of forgiveness could be today or anytime in the coming days! It is not all lost! If you sincerely wish it could have been better – Chin up and get ready to make it your best yet! Start with a positive, sincere intention!

2. Today, take a little time to read the Tafseer of Surah al-Qadr to understand what actually happens this night! You will feel its power & greatness so much more!

3. Do not wait for the 27th Night to give it your “all”. The entire last 10 days should be your target. Stay up each night! Would you want to miss Laylatul Qadr even “by chance”?

4. Do not fall into any innovations/celebrations any masjid or culture might try to promote. Follow the Sunnah! The Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) guided us simply: “Whoever stays up and prays on Laylat al-Qadr out of faith and in the hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.”

5. Memorize and keep asking the dua’ taught by Rasulullah (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam): Allaahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibb al-‘afwa fa’affu ‘anni (O Allaah, You are forgiving and You love forgiveness, so forgive me).

6. Prepare a short dua’ list. Remember this is as awesome as it ever gets for a servant of Allah! The Night of Qadr, of Destiny! Consciously pick each and everything you crucially wish for in this dunya, in your deen, family, and in your aakhirah! Don’t forget to include the brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering and in grief!

7. Take brief naps during the day, if possible. Keep your stomach light and sleep as soon as you have prayed ‘isha. Do not delay! After a brief nap, refresh yourself and get. ready for worship.

8. Don’t neglect your family! Rasulullah made it a point to wake up his wives throughout these nights! And yes, your children are not too young to stay up some part of the night – if they can be allowed to play video games or watch TV, they can be inspired to be up atleast for sometime! Prepare them, make them excited, plan some activities for them to do!

9. Look the Part: The way we dress and prepare.has a big effect on our psychology. Wear your best, perfume yourself, and feel the energy!

10. Choose a spot, whether in the Masjid or in your home, where you can have peace and solitude. Keep your mushaf, praying mat, and water at hand so that you are not distracted by constantly getting up for this or that.

11. IMP: This is not the night to tweet pics or update FB statuses about how amazing the night is and how you are feeling & worshipping Allah! Let that be a secret between you & your Rabb! So switch off those phones, wifi, laptops and computers. Disconnect with the world, and connect with al-‘Afuww!

12. If you find yourself feeling sleepy, vary your acts of worship. Alternate between qiyaam, heartfelt dua’a, reading the Qur’an. Do not spend the night listening to lectures or recitations. Or do it only for a short while when you feel the sleep coming on!

13. Patience is the Key: The last 10 days might be tiring. You might still have work or school. This is the time to bear all that hardship, and keep firm sabr. Think how Allah has blessed you with this tremendous opportunity that might NEVER come again in your life again. If you knew for sure that this was your last Ramadan , if you knew certainly that Jannah was up for grabs, wouldn’t you sprint for it no matter what it takes?

14. This is most important: Keep husn adh-dhann bi Allah (good expectations from Allah). When you ask, remember you are asking the Most Generous King. If you hope for the best, He will give you the best. Don’t hold back. Trust in Him, pour out your heart in front of Him, and let no doubt, no barrier, no evil thoughts keep you away from ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem!

Allahumma balighna laylatal qadr.  – Shaykh Tawfique Choudhury

Needed to see this. Beautiful reminders. JazakAllah Khair 🙂

Welcome Ramadhan 2013 :)


Yuhuu Allhamdulilah it’s Ramadhan tomorrow, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim. Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Alhamdulilah if we meet again. May this Ramadhan brings barakah toward us. Aamiin InsyaAllah, let’s forgive and forget previous mistake 🙂

Ramadhan always be the favorite month for all muslim around the world. and so i love ramadhan because when it comes to ramadhan the kid that who never prays, go praying. the girl who never covers, go covers. the guy who never goes to mosque, finally goes. okay even though it’s just for a month at least this kind of people have tasted the sweetness of faith. just pray all of us feel that sweetness of faith last longer or it should be forever until we die.

even if the kind of people just go like that one month, don’t say that only ramadhan muslims, rather we call them Muslims who may only need Ramadhan to change.

If Ramadan is the only time someone goes to the masjid, prays, wears hijab, stops drinking/smoking, doesn’t party, reads quran…etc then good for them. Don’t talk about them, don’t call them fake and don’t use that god awful term “ramadan muslims” to describe them because for all you know during that one month of the year they may be 10 times more sincere and pious than you are all year round. Remember that arrogance was shaytan’s downfall.

However in the end, I get some precious word

shouldn’t Waste  time debating what a good Muslim should be. Be one 🙂


Assalamualikum Wr.Wb

kaum muslimin yang berbahagia dimanapun berada , bulan ramadhan kini menjelang dan seperti biasa aku melihat perubahan terjadi dimana mana dalam berbagai rupa

hari-hari awal awal pastilah mesjid penuh sesak dgn tarawihan dan mushola ramai manusia dendangkan tilawah tadarus Al-quran
Akhwat-akhwat mulai tutupi auratnya dengan hijab , artis-artis terhadap apa yang mereka siarkan mulai bertanggung jawab bahkan sinetron romeo dan juliet berganti jadi sofa marwah saat ramadhan layar kaca pun tak tertinggal siar pengajian , film gairah cinta dipending jadi tasbih cinta agar ma’ruf , nikmatnya pacaran diganti dengan indahnya ta’aruf ..

sering aku tersenyum geli melihat tingkah pola umat islam karena mereka masih berkutat dengan pemikiran dzholim tapi ramadhan memang ajaib ia mampu membuat perubahan 180 derajat sayangnya setelah ramadhan banyak yang kembali bejat , ini pula yang  sebabkan luka tak terperih bagai tersulut api perubahan di mata ternyata belum sampai ke akar hati .

sekularisme memang menarik umat kejurang kegelapan yang paling dalam tanpa sisakan secercah sinar yang bahkan cukup untuk mengurai air mata , sekularisme ajarkan bahwasanya Allah pergi meninggalkan manusia dan tak lagi menghitung amalan manusia selain pada ramadhan yang mulia bagaimana bisa seorang muslim tahankan apa yang halal baginya karena Allah diwaktu siang namun justru berbuka dengan apa yang Allah haramkan dia menahan makanan , minuman karena Allah di siang hari namun dia berbuka dengan riba dan hukum thaghut yang Allah benci …

ah … sepuluh kali ramadhan telah berlalu namun usahaku tampaknya belum ada hasilnya atau apakah ini hanya persangkaanku belaka toh perhitungan Allah tiada sama dengan hitungan manusia. malam yang kita sangka paling gelap bisa jadi malam yang paling dekat dengan fajar dalam sadar aku hanya mencerca usahaku yang belum banyak.  berharap pertolongan Allah walau aku tahu aku belum lah layak, umat memang berbahaya penuh dengan hal-hal yang tidak terduga ia bisa menjadi selimut pelindung dari dingin malam dan panasnya siang dan ia pun dapat menjelma  menjadi monster paling menakutkan.

membenamkan kukuh-kukuh ucapannya  dalam hatimu terdalam , menghujamkan belati beracun dalam setiap bagian tubuhmu yang mampu ia jangkau menunjukan cahaya bagi mereka yang terlalu lama berjalan dalam kegelapan sama saja memberikan rasa sakit .
sebagian pejalan dalam gelap ini lebih suka berada di dalam kedzholiman ketimbang bermandikan cahaya ilahi , mungkin dalam hati kecil mereka rindukan terang Allah namun syaitan melakukan tugasnya dengan baik hingga mereka lebih suka dalam kegelapan .
mereka lupa bahwa lebih terhormat mati di dalam terang daripada hidup dalam kegelapan yah setidaknya engkau dilihat dan diingat .

dalam kegelapan mungkin engkau nyaman namun tak seorangpun tahu eksistensimu walaupun engkau hidup juga ingat namamu, aku adalah hamba Allah yang Maha Suci . cintaku pada langit tak berarti aku tidak menginjak bumi justru langit mengajarkanku dengan hujan yang membasahi bumi menumbuhkan benih yang beristirahat dalam gelap mati .

cinta Kepada Allah selalu hadiahkan 2 hal pada hamba yaitu lidah dan air mata , aku selalu berdoa semoga Allah memberikan semua pengemban dakwah mampu merengkuh kemuliaan ramadhan dan karunia yang Allah limpahkan di dalamnya . karena tiap perkataan mereka bagaikan penyambung nafas dunia menghindarkan umat dari kerusakan sehabisnya .

mungkin umat bagaikan laron yang tak suka dihalau api mungkin ia akan mengigit tangan yang berusaha menghalaunya dari kecelakaan namun bukankah itu kenikmatan dakwah yang juga dirasakan junjungan kita Nabi besar Muhammad SAW penghulu segala kebaikan bilakah pantas seorang manusia berkeluh kesah terhadap dakwah manakala tauladan kita  Nabi Muhammad  SAW bersemangat menjalankannya .

benar logam akan berkarat seiring waktu namun emas tetaplah emas , waktu adalah satu-satunya pemisah antara keistiqomahan dan yang ditinggalkan.

Wassalamualikum Wr.Wb